Chasing The Snitch Animated Model - Harry Potter Village by D56 (EU Adaptor)

Harry Potter continues to be a global phenomenon. Take the train to Hogwarts and experience the majesty of the Great Hall, pop on over Hagrid's or fly high in pursuit of the golden snitch. This Harry Potter collection will captivate Muggles, Witches and Wizards alike. Bring home the magic of Harry Potter today| Harry Potter proves himself in a game of Quidditch. Animated effect features Harry, riding his broomstick, while chasing the golden snitch. Quidditch has been played at Hogwarts for nearly 1000 years. This high meticulously hand crafted and hand painted Harry Potter collectable model features a EU 2-pin plug. Shortlisted Gift of the Year 2020. Height: 25.0cm
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  • £79.95
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