Castle Black - Game of Thrones by Dept 56

Within this humble fortress often-reluctant recruits to the Nights Watch are trained to become the sheild that guards the realms of men. United by duty, they become the brothers in black. Castle Black is one of the last standing castles along the Wall, a solid ice structure reported to be over 700 feet tall. The Nights Watch have stood guard for many generations but their numbers have been dwindling. This Castle Black piece is based on the structure as seen in the Game of Thrones TV series. It has been hand made using high quality cast stone and our skilled Department 56 artists have painstakingly hand painted intricate details such as ice on the roofs, straw in the shelter and the woodgrain on the stairs and walkways. To accompany this piece, Jon Snow and his Direwolf Ghost are also available (sold seperately - 6009722) Height: 17.0cm
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