The Night King Figurine - Game of Thrones by Dept 56

Thousands of years ago, the first men of Westeros faced a terrifying foe during the Long Night. At the head of merciless army was the Night King. Once the Long Night was over, he was said to sleep under the ice in the far north to one day re-awaken and once again try to destroy the world of men once and for all. This figurine has been hand crafted to recreate the iconic Game of Thrones scene in in series 5, "Hardhome". With thousands of Wildlings trying to escape the North for safety, the Night King and his army of Wights attack. Whilst our heroes manage to escape, they look back across the battlefield to witness the Night King raise the dead and add more to his undead hoard. Our skilled artists have hand painted each piece to ensure all the details from the chainmail on the Night Kings armour to the leather straps on the Wildlings boots have all be meticulously recreated. Comes in branded packaging. This a decoration, not a toy. Height: 9.5cm
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