New Licensed Pieces in 2020

Harry PotterTM Village

It seems that the licensed villages are appealing to many of our younger collectors these days. They all love Harry Potter™ which continues to be a global phenomenon with millions of the beloved series sold over the last 2 decades. This year we have introduced Borgin and Burkes™ (A30318/A30319) The Three Broomsticks™ (A303202/A30321) and The Owlery™ (6005660). The detail that Village artist Paul Lundberg has achieved following the exact specifications shared by Warner Brothers film studios is truly spectacular!

Borgin and Burkes™ is an antique shop located at 13B, Knockturn Alley, owned by Mr Borgin™ and Mr Burke™. The shop owners are known to deal with unusual and ancient wizarding artefacts.

The Three Broomsticks™ is the place to go in Hogsmeade™ for good food, friendly conversation and a Butterbeer™ and is often visited by students from the neighbouring Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Owlery™ is a bustling bird-operated post office at the top of Hogwarts™ Castle. It's where student's owls live during the school year.

Several coordinating figurines are also part of the 2020 offering along the original pieces introduced in 2019.


DC Comics Village

DC is home to the world’s most iconic Super-Heroes and Super-Villains, characters whose adventures span universes, transcend genres and captivate audiences the world over.

Our DC Comics Village collection is expanding to add Themyscira™ (A30324/A30325) homeland of Wonder Woman™. Brought to stunning life by the incredible artists at Department 56, this Illuminated model building of the Amazonian superhero’s birthplace is subtly lit and complimented with a coordinating figurine of Wonder Woman™ (6005633).

Themyscira™ (pronounced Them-mes-skera) is an isolated island nation in the Mediterranean Sea created by Zeus, serving as home to the Amazons and is the birthplace of the demigoddess Wonder Woman™. It is a city-state reminiscent of ancient Greece and is protected by a barrier that conceals the island from the outside world.


Disney Village by D56

Disney Inspired Village

We haven’t forgotten our favourite mouse, as there are several new pieces joining Disney Village. Our favourites include Mickey’s Ski and Skate (A30089/A30090) and Minnie’s Cotton Candy Shop (A30316/A30317). With its colourful designs and fun details, the Disney Village collection is destined to become a favourite with collectors.

Another hero of the 2020 collection is Mickey’s Alarm Clock Shop (A30081), a super-fun design in iconic Mickey colours: Red, Black, White, and Yellow. Clockwork gears are sculpted into the design, along with lots of Mickey ears. This has already become a best seller for a leading US department store and makes a wonderful nightlight for a child’s bedroom.


The Grinch Village

Relive the heart-warming tale of the mean green fiend who was as charming as a seasick crocodile until he discovered the true meaning of Christmas. Created by the whimsical Dr. Seuss, the Grinch and the Whos of Who-ville will make your Christmas collection very merry indeed. Your heart may even grow three sizes. We have two spectacular illuminated model buildings to offer for Christmas 2020: MT. Crumpit (A30168/A30169) and Cindy Lou-Who’s House (A30170/A30171) each of which are sure to bring the wacky and wonderful classic picture book to life in your own home.


Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Village

And let's not forget The Nightmare Before Christmas! We are pleased to introduce four new figural accessories and The Mayor’s Car (6003314) to this ghastly collection from Halloween Town. They say you can tell a lot about a man by the car he drives! The Mayor of Halloween Town drives something that's part hearse, part hot rod and impossible to overlook. This iconic vehicle from The Nightmare Before Christmas is a must-have for any fan.