Introducing Game of Thrones - Dept56 Newest Collection

Game of Thrones, HBO’s ground-breaking show, first appeared on our television screens 10 years ago. Breathed into life by cult fantasy author G R R Martin, the writer journeyed into the trials and tribulations of the people of Westeros, Essos, and those unfortunate souls living beyond The Wall. A gigantic under-taking from the offset, the show perfectly blended the talents of well-known established actors whilst also becoming a springboard for many new faces that we’ve grown to love.

Running for an impressive 8 seasons, and a total of 73 episodes, the curtain finally fell in 2019 with the final episode garnering a record breaking 19.3 million viewers worldwide. Every single one sitting on the edge of their seat anxious to know how the story of the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens was going to end.

Famed for its beautiful locations, incredibly detailed sets, and intricately designed costumes, it was also not scared to kill off a main character of two (20 in total to be accurate!). The worldwide phenomenon won a total of 269 TV awards during its run and, even more importantly, gained legions of die-hard fans.

With 2021 being the Iron Anniversary of when Game of Thrones was introduced to our screens, it makes it even more poignant that this is also the year that Enesco Ltd have decided to release their own collection of Game of Thrones inspired collectables. 

Enseco Ltd’s Department 56 collection have wonderfully created a variety of items that fans, and collectors alike will love in thanks to their painstaking detail and industry-leading quality. Building on the popularity of the festive villages range, Winterfell and Castle Black have been miniaturised and immortalised into pieces that can proudly be displayed in your home. Each featuring their own key details such as snow on the tiles, moss on bricks and hay in the store. The illuminated pieces even come with USB plugs, enabling them to be lit by LED bulbs that will really create an atmosphere. 

The figurines have been superbly hand-painted, with each design being approved by the talent and management. The levels of care taken with each piece aims to fulfil the promise that each figurine captures the essence of the scene of with the designs are based on. 

Our Night King piece, based on the iconic episode “Hardhome” from Season 5, highlights one of the most terrifying moments of the show, where the Night King stands dressed in his intricate chainmail, arms outstretched as he summons his undead army. The White Walkers are painted blue, covered in frozen animal pelts and the ice river has been crafted using coloured acrylic to really bring an authenticity to the environment. Any fan seeing this piece will instantly remember the chill that was sent down their spine as they watched the scene unfold. That episode won 3 Emmys and is still the highest rated episode of the series on IMDb (with a staggering 9.9/10). The scene that’s been preserved required over 400 extras, 50 stuntmen and took almost 4 weeks of shooting for just 20 minutes of nail-biting action. 

With the prequel series “House of the Dragon” already in production, the popularity of Game of Thrones is not going to wane anytime soon. Enesco Ltd wanted to craft a collection that would be open to all fans, no matter their space or budget. Prices start at just £19.95 / €24.00 and stock is due in start of December . So grab yourself once of these truly outstanding pieces and enjoy the care and attention to detail that only Department 56 can bring.